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White Shaker Cabinets

white shaker cabinets

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Espresso Shaker Cabinets

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SHERWIN-WILLIAMS 14-Step Finishing Process

All of our wood doors and drawer fronts receive SHERWIN-WILLIAMS’s 14-step finishing process, resulting in one of the finest finishes in the industry. Our skilled craftsmen make each piece of cabinetry to your exact specifications, from the initial sanding to the final finish application.

14 step
All plywood construction

All-plywood construction

Shaker cabinet boxes are made of “Grade-A” plywood. Full plywood sides and backs make the strongest cabinets. They maintain their square shape during shipping and installation, can support heavy countertops, and are resistant to moisture damage.

Dovetail Construction

All of our shaker cabinets use a special way of joining pieces called dovetail construction. This means that matching dovetail-shaped cuts perfectly fit the plywood sides of the cabinets with the solid wood front parts. This strong and durable method makes sure that the cabinets are secure, strong, and last a long time.

Dovetail Construction
Anti Warp Structures

Anti-Warp Structures

All of our cabinets are constructed to avoid warping, guaranteeing that they will resist elemental pressure. Every single component is carefully manufactured to ensure durability. Each cabinet we make is built to a high quality, providing long-term reliability.

Corner Blocks

We line our shaker cabinet lines with plastic corner blocks to maintain the purity of cohesive construction, ensuring a unified and organic design build.


corner blocks
Finished Cabinet Interiors2

Treated & Finished Cabinet Interiors

Another important feature are the treated and finished interiors, which make a strong statement about quality and attention to detail. Our top treatment procedures result in a refined and durable design that is free of bubbling, peeling, and chipping, unlike manufacturing with an applied lining.


Solid Back Builds

We construct the back of a shaker cabinet from a single piece of solid half-inch plywood for superior structural longevity. We construct our cabinet backs from a strong, single piece of plywood to ensure durable strength and dimensional stability.

Solid Back Builds

Soft-Closing Hinges

Our shaker cabinets use compact hinges with a built-in soft-close mechanism, providing a gentle and smooth cabinet function.

Full-Extension Soft Closing Drawer Glides

The smooth full-extension soft-closing technology glides ensure enhanced movement, maximizing a cabinet’s storage capacity and precisely using space while also preventing damage and wear.

undermount Full Extension drawers
sherwin williams

SHERWIN-WILLIAMS 14-Step Finishing Process

We use only the best quality wood stains and finishes from SHERWIN WILLIAMS Industrial Wood Division and their partners.

1 2


Kitchen Cabinet Mall selects quality wood,which skilled craftsman sand to a smooth finish.


After sanding,all surfaces are vacuumed to eliminate dust particles.

3 4


Craftsman hand-apply distressing,vintage and burnished techniques to selected finishes.


Equalizer stains are applied to balance the base color of the wood.


Toner is applied which establishes consistent color uniformity.


A deep penetrating stain is(hand-applied/hand-sprayed/applied)to reveal the wood grain.

5 7


All stained surfaces are evenly hand-rubbed and wiped clean of excess stain.


After slowly air drying,highlights,glaze,glaze details,burnishing stain,and vintage patina are hand-applied to selected finishes.


Specially formulated wood sealer is applied,penetrating all exposed wood surfaces for uniform protection.


Sealed product is placed in high-temperature oven to ensure a thorough cure.

9 11


All surfaces are hand-sanded again,providing a smooth,consistent surface to accept topcoat.


Environmentally safe topcoat is applied to maximize resistance to scuffing,dents,moisture,UV fade and household chemicals or agents.

12 14


Top-coated pieces are slow-cured in a 150-degree oven,creating a smooth,baked on surface.


Each cabinet is inspected and hand-polished,assuring quality and durability.

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Shaker Cabinets Ultimate Guide

For many people, shaker cabinets are a welcome addition to their kitchen. In this helpful and informative guide, we’ll explore what shaker cabinets are all about. How they match your taste and style and the kinds of kitchens they’ll look best in. We’ll also give you an idea of what kinds of wood are best and what are their benefits. There’s plenty of added info along the way about colors, stains, and accessories too.

If you’re curious about learning more about shaker kitchen cabinets, we have plenty to share with you along the way. Let’s get started.

What are shaker style cabinets?

By definition, shaker style kitchen cabinets are simplistic, to say the least. The whole idea that the Shakers’ lived subtle and simple lives is what early America was all about. Most immigrants could barely afford many luxuries, so their lifestyle often matched this. For many who grew up in largely rich predominant families, Shaker style cabinets were considered bland. This is the whole reason why Shaker cabinets look the way that they do.

Why are they called shaker cabinets?

The background story of shaker cabinets goes back to the very start of American history. This goes back more than 246 years with the very first religious Quakers that immigrated to America. The group was known by a catchy nick-name from early colonials known as the ‘Shaking Quakers’. Over time, this name was shortened to the name ‘Shakers’, which stuck as a term describing them.

This was also the birth of Shaker cabinetry and had a very specific method of how they created their cabinets. Since they lived a very modest life, it reflected on the design itself which was what makes Shaker cabinets iconic. It wasn’t until these communities began selling their surplus to those outside their circle. This is essentially how the rest of colonial America learned about Shaker style doors and furniture.

Shakers were also quick to adapt to modern equipment, unlike other religious groups who adhered to the old woodworking methods. They employed belt-driven power tools to increase their production abilities. The tastes of 19th century Americans loved the high quality of this minimalist furniture too. It wasn’t until the Civil War did America start to change and then violently divides into two sides. This was the ultimate decline of the Shakers.

There are two main reasons why shaker cabinets are still called this name. The first is from the history behind how these cabinets were originally invented. The Shakers were one of America’s growing private communities that could survive without much intervention. Their daily living skills allowed them to survive on their land with food that was raised and grown independently.

Because the Shakers were previously known as Quakers, they were very industrial and adept at woodworking skills. Many of these Quakers emerged from German, Scandinavian, and English heritage, so working from the land was a specific mindset. The dedication to their religion also blended seamlessly with simple values. To be modest in your daily life also meant your home should be toned-down and blend within your living environment.

The second reason that shaker style cabinets are called this unique name is in fact, a very specific woodworking style. There is a mathematical construction to how these cabinets appear and it all comes down to simplicity. Four simple rails form the overall door frame. Within the frame, itself is a flat panel that is inset into the frame. Much like a picture frame that is nothing special, is a door that is distinguished as pure simplicity.

This cabinet door hasn’t changed much over the years, but aren’t that much different from other decorative styles. Newer kitchen designs often borrow from popular design trends and add elements that allow shaker cabinets to have a fresh look. Because of how they’re built, the style and construction methods allow shaker cabinets to retain their name. No matter how many new variants are introduced, shaker cabinets are always easy to spot.

Are shaker style cabinets popular?

Ever since Shaker kitchen cabinets began to become popular in early America, the love for this design grew over the years. Several societies embraced the design and started to preserve the original furniture that was recovered. At the end of the Civil War, it was more common for homes that were destroyed to purchase shaker cabinets. Not only was the style cheaper to purchase, but the quality of how they were built also gave them more value.

Perhaps the most fascinating part of shaker kitchen cabinets is the choice of available wood materials found abundantly on Eastern Coasts. Rich and long-lasting wood including Oak, Birch, Pine, Cherry, and Maple give shaker cabinets natural earthy colors and tones. This is all part of the simplicity by design and holds-up incredibly well these days. Oddly enough, colors and stains found commonly on shaker cabinets indicated individual Shaker sects.

Also, the choice of wood used was a strong indicator of which territory was making these shaker style kitchen cabinets. As far as the popularity of colors was concerned, typical stains include red, blue, green, and yellow. Although we can’t go back in time to understand why these colors represented separate shaker sects, the intent was obvious. A cabinet was designed to serve a greater purpose in life for its function rather than decorative looks.

This is why you don’t see shaker cabinet doors with decorative trimmings such as inlays or moldings. This simply wasn’t the point since it represents the faithfulness of their penchant for religion. Anything else was viewed as sinful or deceiving to others. Aside from original meaning, the popularity and simplicity work on every other level.

Are shaker cabinets going out of style?

Shaker cabinets never went out of style when kitchen remodel, so only times have changed for offering wide varieties of kitchen cabinet styles. One of the things that did change over the decades was choices of wood that’s used to construct shaker cabinets. Many purists feel that shaker cabinets should stick to the original materials including Oak, Birch. Newer materials that have been used for years have replaced problematic design errors.

This helped reduce the chances of warping, sticking, and swelling of the wood. Since many regions in America all have different levels of humidity and weather, the original Shakers would have agreed. Some upgrades now include exotic wood veneers, polyurethane finishes, and aluminum rail slide-out shelves. These slight improvements enhance the popularity of shaker cabinets while sticking to traditional design elements.

In recent years, we’ve seen a growing interest in Shaker cabinetry that is returning to classic American values. Every so often there are spikes in popular trending styles that are popular for a very short time. In the past, the demand for the modern design was being pushed by interior decorators. While this works for some Avant-garde oriented people, it lacks everything that is what a real home feels like.

The return to more comfy kitchens shaker that give warmth can be seen in the resurgence of older styles. Country kitchens, Rustic, and Colonial all return to these older roots, but nothing compares to how shaker styles will look.

How much are shaker cabinets?

As it was from the very beginning, for kitchen remodel, Shaker style doors have always been synonymous with quality construction and design. This is always what defines the total cost of this style of a cabinet door. Because of the popularity of the Shaker style, there is always an issue of using cheaper materials to keep costs down. Some manufacturers are using MDF instead of quality wood materials, making the finished cabinets cheaper.

It’s important to point out that quality should never be compromised for replacement materials since these won’t last so long. On the same note, natural wood that’s unprotected will be damaged from weather conditions in your region. Consider that the humidity in the southwestern region of America will have an impact on natural woods. Swelling can occur when high humidity seeps into the wood that’s prone to absorbing moisture.

This is why it’s a good idea to know what kinds of wood resist moisture more than others. The finishes and sealers play a large role in preserving wood, but choosing quality wood is always your best bet. So always keep in mind that the higher the quality of wood that’s used, the higher the price will be. The more solid wood materials are used is another issue. Some veneers are applied to cheaper woods or MDF that look fine and are cheaper.

The problem is that certain veneers can start to delaminate after time and the illusion of solid wood is revealed. Don’t trust cheap shaker cabinets that are based on low-cost sale prices. We recommend that you always stick to quality wood right from the start.

What type of wood is used to make shaker kitchen cabinets?

One of the more popular materials is often Oakwood, but not limited to Birch or Cherry. Birch is a good choice in shaker kitchen cabinets because it’s the hardest of the woods. Because it lasts for years, this is a good choice if you want hard-wearing wood that can be stained to look like Cherry. Now when considering Cherry wood, you can expect that the price will be higher, which is why Birch is substituted.

Cherry is also a big favorite for shaker cabinets and looks incredible when polished. It is a softer wood and not as durable as Maple. Just keep that in mind if you plan to use your kitchen for a lot of cooking activities. The next best choice is Oak, which has a hearty grain and comes in varieties. There is a red Oak and then there’s white Oak. Depending on your style preferences, these two types of grain both offer very woody grains.

Oak is also excellent for shaker style kitchen cabinets, so humid regions will appreciate this material much more. When it comes to Birch, this is harder than Oak, but not as hard as Maple. It’s another long-lasting wood but can be tricky to stain. This is one of the few wood products that will be more susceptible to termites. Keep that in mind if you live in an area that has persistent termite problems.

One of the worst woods you can use for shaker style cabinets are going to be Pine which always needs to be sealed or stained. Pine is a softwood that you need to care for and even fingernail scratches can dent it. If you don’t mind random dents on your shaker cabinets, then Pine will be an affordable wood otherwise.

Which wood of shaker style cabinets lasts longer?

Your shaker style kitchen cabinets are intended to last as long as they are taken care of. But over time, some woods out-perform others for all sorts of reasons. The first reason is simply time. The amount of natural decay is going to be evident as wood beings to warp and crack. It might be from the quality of the cut and how the grain holds up due to the elements. Your kitchen will have a certain amount of moisture even if you realize this or not.

Expect that moisture will cause wood to expand and swell if humid weather is constant. This is the reason why Oak shaker style cabinets was preferred over the years to not warp under these conditions so easily. It was also praised because it resisted bugs and termites very well due to being very dense. Since Oak was the perfect choice for outdoor furniture, it made better sense to use indoors too. For this reason, Oak will outlast many other wood types in this category.

Another wood that is hard-wearing and long-lasting is Maple. It’s a heavy wood that made it perfect for tables and chairs. When used for shaker cabinets, it takes a variety of dark stains very well. Between these two kinds of wood, Oak and Maple are the best for being hardwoods. Other hardwood like Birch is a good material for resisting dings and dents as well. The fine grain of Birch also makes it elegant without seeming too many wood burls and knots.

Shaker style cabinets in the modern kitchen

The kitchen we enjoy being around these days is filled with all the comforts that make cooking welcome. From smart ovens to lighting that’s voice-controlled. It might make you wonder how shaker cabinets would ever fit into a modern kitchen at all! Obviously, the answer is no big surprise that this shaker kitchen cabinet design works very well. In fact, the simplistic style is complimenting all the modern gadgets you have all around.

The refreshing door panels give a great depth to your kitchen without going overboard. The only thing you might consider updating are the knobs or handles to open the kitchen cabinet doors. Since most modern kitchens shaker have lots of light, white shaker cabinets will look fresh and clean. Darker and richer wood grains and stain colors also have a country kitchen effect likewise.

You won’t go wrong with adding new shaker cabinet doors to existing kitchen cabinetry either. With so many variants add to your current kitchen design, the possibilities are endless.

Types of kitchens that are perfect with shaker style cabinets

Some kitchens will be best suited for installing shaker cabinets. This is when you want to redecorate without changing the style much. Reasonably, these three styles are recommended for shaker cabinets that blend so well if you change just the cabinets.

· Modern

The modern kitchen is one that often leave-out knobs and handles left-off in favor of magnetic latches. These are latches that use springs to pop-out the kitchen cabinet doors. There is another major trademark look that has lots of smooth surfaces. You’ll also find plenty of geometric shapes that make a modern kitchen. As for the shaker style doors, not even the hinges should be showing.

· Transitional

If you enjoy the look of the timeless kitchen designs, this will certainly welcome the shaker cabinets style. This also includes a lot of long clean lines, textures, and rounded shapes. While a transitional kitchen has many new items inside it, the furniture represents the old styles of the past that don’t seem to age. This embracing of different periods gives the blending with old and new that combine well with each other.

· Traditional

If you love decorative details, the traditional kitchen is where you’ll find them. This also is a must for raised panel cabinets and a look that’s certainly vintage looking. The countertops are very elaborate and fancy, yet the backsplash is very simple. As far as colors are concerned, neutral colors work best-using stains and earthy tones. Traditional kitchens always have a hand-made look when it comes to the cabinets.

Different shaker styles and variants

As you already may understand, shaker style doors are constructed from 5 pieces that produce a single door. Essentially, the colors and wood that’s used will vary depending on your style. There aren’t too many variations that are so different except for parts of the centerboard that are replaced.

· Shaker cabinets with beadboard

Aside from a flat panel center, you can use beadboard instead. Beadboard is a flat wood panel that has vertical clean lines that are cut directly into the wood itself. They’re spaced 1-2 inches from each other on the center panel. This gives a bit more texture to a shaker frame without taking away from the simplicity.

· Shaker cabinets with louvered panel

The complete opposite of the beadboard is installing louvered slats. These are a bit more tropical looking for kitchens shaker that have more humidity. If you live in an area where heat and humidity is an issue, then louvered shakers will work great.

· Full overlay

Perhaps you’ve never noticed this before, but a full overlay is a shaker cabinet that has no gaps between kitchen cabinet doors and drawers. These can be a stunning visual appearance with no visual lines that separate each cabinet frame.

· Partial overlay

Partial overlays are more obvious to spot since the gaps show-up in between shaker frames. When you want to have more defined kitchen lines that are showing, this gives a sleek look separating each cabinet.

Inset Vs traditional shaker cabinets

Traditional shaker cabinets are often hung with hinges hidden on the inside of the cabinet frame. What you see are neat cabinet frames that have been hung neatly to show-off their simplicity. But that doesn’t mean that cabinet frames shouldn’t be hanging on the outside of your kitchen furniture. Inset cabinet doors and drawers are set into the frames and have a very different hinge system.

It would be better to use hardwood shaker kitchen cabinet frames so there is less chance of sticking. The disadvantage of inset cabinets is they can swell from the moisture in humid regions. Southern states that have lots of humidity will prefer Oak or Birch that don’t have swelling issues. Because this wood is so dense, it will resist absorbing humid air. These shaker style kitchen cabinets are better for regions that have drier climates.

There’s a certain charm that goes with inset cabinets that is magical looking. The measurements for inset frames must be exact, so each cabinet fits exactly as it was designed. Another key factor about inset cabinets is that walls will appear flat with only the cabinet center frame stands-out. Newer kitchen designs allow for these cabinets to open using spring-loaded magnets.

These allow the frame to push inward and then pops outward so you can grab the edge of the frame. Since inset frames look better without knobs or handles, this makes a modern kitchen look smart and high tech. Even though there are shaker cabinets installed.

Shaker cabinets with inset glass

It’s not uncommon that some styles of shaker cabinets have inset glass where the centerboard would go. This gives cabinet provides an upscale, yet simple look and also gives you the ability to see inside them. This doesn’t break away from the idealism behind the humble Shaker lifestyle but isn’t completely restricted for decorative reasons. The glass can be colored, textured, frosted, and separated into sections.

This is where some people might like to have a Mullion frame. These frames are highly decorative and will allow several variations and pattern designs. Mullion frames are very elegant and blend-in well with shaker cabinets. As glass is not the only material that can be inserted, some versions can have any kind of inserted material. These include wire mesh, stained glass, safety glass, or wrought iron.

Handles and hinges for shaker style kitchen cabinets

No shortage of handles and knobs can match for shaker style cabinets. Finding the right style is always a matter of personal opinion. Often, the best kind of handles are simple and don’t stand out so much. But this is not always the case if your kitchen is following a specific design. Silver handles and knobs would go well with kitchens that have polished stainless steel ovens.

For more rustic looking kitchens, then antique and distressed handles may look more suiting. It all depends on the style you want to go for. Knobs that have matching colors or are made from wood are nice accents that will match select stains and shaker cabinet colors. When it comes to hinges, it’s a common sight that hinges are not seen at all. They are attached to the inside door to keep the frame looking neat and clean.

Some styles are also adding visible decorative hinges that add to the handle or knob design. There are also special spring hinges that are called magnetic push latches. These are for cabinets that can open and close at the push of a finger. These magnetic latches are unseen and make a shaker frame appear uncluttered and sleek. Depending on your needs in your kitchen, finding the right handles and hinges will depend on appearance and usage.

Accessories with shaker cabinets

When installing any kind of shaker cabinets in the kitchen, there are going to be various accessories that are added. These accessories are extras that help connect cabinets to the existing items in your kitchen.

· Base filler/wall filler

There are potential gaps that may form where shaker style cabinets are installed. To fill in gaps that sit next to refrigerators or appliances will need a filler piece. These filler pieces are vertical shaped and help fill the gap that’s left-over from an installation. More or less, these are cosmetic only unless you have further ideas for adding hidden storage areas. Base fillers are used similarly, acting as an extension that’s attached to the end of shaker cabinets.

· Scribe and outside molding

Using scribe molding and outside molding often goes hand-in-hand with cabinet and cove moldings. In combination, they can finish off the appearance of a cabinet design. These are usually added to the top edge of a hanging cabinet. These are decorative shaped moldings that stack and attach to each other. Scribe molding is placed on the outside edge of a shaker style cabinet that attaches to a wall. Outside molding runs along the underside edges.

· Cabinet and cove moldings

The top edges of hanging shaker cabinets can add a cabinet and cove moldings. These make white shaker cabinets appear larger and in some cases, bridge the gap between the cabinet and ceiling. Different moldings that are layered give a whole new layer of decorative flair. These moldings don’t always need to touch the ceiling and can simply have a crown. Often, bar lights or LED light strips are added behind these moldings to give a modern look.

· Light under cabinet molding

Countertops will need good lighting, so special molding that runs along the edge of hanging shaker kitchen cabinets help hide light fixtures. These can be from recessed lighting or from LED light strips. These are also called light rails and are just as stylish as cove moldings. Since these are used to hide lights underneath a hanging shaker cabinet, they serve another purpose. These act as light shields to prevent stray light from escaping, keeping that light centered on countertops.

· Base and refrigerator panels

When installing any kind of shaker cabinets, it will be important to add base panels that are secured to a kitchen wall. If there is a refrigerator that’s nearby, these panels help to create a continuing cabinet pattern. These panels are built around a fridge and allow a shaker cabinet that goes above the fridge. These can also be constructed around stovetops, dishwashers, and other kitchen appliances.

· Corble and Valances

Adding these to the bottom of hanging shaker style kitchen cabinets is a very elegant touch. A lot like a fireplace mantle, corbles, and valances give the appearance of dedicated support beams. These add a lot of wealthy charm wherever your hanging new shaker cabinets are hung. A valance is an arched beam that spans between hanging cabinets. It’s also a decorative touch that completes a stately appearance. Corbles are often placed underneath the valance.

· Base shaker cabinets

The bases of brand new shaker cabinets are responsible for supporting a length of countertop that’s put on top of them. This also includes sinks and basins or built-in grill tops. Base shaker cabinets all have different uses and aren’t just for storing pots and pans. You can find slide-out shelves that are vertical and horizontal. Some are ideal for storing small food items like spices while others are better for appliances and kitchen equipment.

Base shaker style cabinets aren’t only used for placing along a wall since these can be used for creating islands. All of your shaker cabinets can then be connected together to create any size or shape that’s needed. Afterward, the various spaces used for storage are then covered by a countertop.

Great shaker cabinet colors

This section gives you an idea of what colors are very popular and also forecasts what colors are getting attention. As some colors come and go for popularity, it’s always your choice in the end for what color is best. The original colors that were very popular from Shakers often determined the sect they originated from. This is how you could tell which community was making shaker cabinets. Now, this is quite different and a matter of personal choice.

· Bold colors

There’s nothing wrong with painting shaker cabinets, but it does take away from the elegance of natural wood. One of the most popular colors which became a big hit lately is Blue. This has ranged from light blue to dark blue, yet a tone that stands-out and doesn’t get into the pastels. White is another primary color that is incredibly popular no matter how the trend is leaning. For this reason, white shaker cabinets never lose their charm.

· Natural wood grain

Natural colors are always popular for the old-world style that shaker cabinets represent. You can always tell what kind of wood is used whenever natural grain is shown-off. Thankfully these natural wood materials can be sealed with modern coatings, allowing them to last longer. If untreated, certain types of wood can be affected by weather and climate. This is why modern sealants show off wood grain color much more than older methods did.

· Stains

The beauty of how stains work can give you a glint of color without losing the appearance of the wood grain. Popular colors including blue, green, red, are great stain primary colors. Some types of wood can be stained to simulate types of wood like Cherry or rich dark browns like Oak. Stains help bring out color but still need to be sealed to be protected to your shaker cabinets.

What are white shaker cabinets?

White shaker cabinets have a very short history in recent years. From the earliest invention of shaker cabinets, they were colored with natural wood stains of the day. These included red, blue, green, and grey or varieties of stained woods. While they did use white plaster in the paint to have more opacity, white was a color that was reserved for walls and ceilings. The answer was very simple for Shaker homes and had everything to do with borrowed light.

This concept included rooms and kitchens to utilize light brought in from the outside to illuminate rooms during the day. The concept of white kitchen cabinets is however attributed to kitchen concept designs of the 1920s. This led to many furniture companies to start producing white kitchen cabinets as well. As you might guess, this also applied to the shaker cabinet styles.

· When did white shaker cabinets get popular?

As far back as 2017, the popularity of white shaker cabinets has steadily become a non-stop trend. It gained attention for various reasons but stuck to traditional idealisms that translated perfectly for white shaker kitchen cabinets in general. This all came down to the minimalism and practicality of how these cabinets look in many types of kitchens. These idealisms are very easy to understand why white shaker cabinets are so incredibly popular.

· Unique ability to mix with different kitchen styles

The power of the white shaker cabinet has a welcome matt for kitchens that include country, contemporary, traditional, minimalist style designs. For example, a country kitchen is very similar to the look and feel of old fashioned kitchens of the early 1900s. There are overhead wood beams and earthy decorations. By adding white shaker cabinets, a country-style kitchen is brightened-up among many of the natural wood colors.

Minimalist kitchens are especially a major part of the shaker kitchen design. But for modern considerations, white shaker kitchen cabinets are readily accepted for their simplicity. Traditional kitchens that have a love for all things vintage are highlighted by white shakers. This is further high lighting earthy colors and neutral floors or walls. Lastly, contemporary kitchens are often a futuristic and sleek design that openly welcomes white shaker cabinets.

With this being said, the need for ultra-glossy white panels that have no visible handles or knobs is a must.

· Minimalist and a cutting-edge look

White shaker cabinet doors are important for having a very simple design that can look ahead of their time. White is a color that’s often associated with the future and is high tech looking. Add a good amount of semi-gloss or a high sheen, this bright color brings feelings of hope and positivity. The ultimate look of white shakers can be greatly streamlined by having inset cabinet doors and drawers.

This provides a look that will fit in perfectly in contemporary kitchens up through post-modern designs. As long as the finish that’s added is reflective, the white shaker cabinet is easily transitioned into these kitchens.

Benefits of white shaker cabinets

Every kitchen will have time-saving devices that make cooking and kitchen tasks made easier. With the push for more energy-efficient kitchens, it doesn’t always rely on electrical gadgets. Here are the best reasons why white shaker cabinets will be beneficial in your kitchen.

· Cleaner with an inviting look

As far back as the 1920s in America, a trend of white porcelain sinks, white refrigerators, and white cabinets began. This helped promote the idealism that cleanliness was a visual aspect of the modern kitchen. This idea expanded over the years and across to kitchen furniture manufactures who followed this trend. For all the right reasons, most people like a kitchen that has a clean and tidy look.

White shaker kitchen cabinets aren’t hiding anything with their simple and clean straight lines. The shapes are also easy on your eyes and are comfortable to be around.

· Reflecting natural light

It’s a well-known fact that white is the best-reflecting color that’s used for distributing light. White shaker cabinets act like reflectors with white ceilings that bounce light off of them. The color is distributed all around the kitchen and helps illuminate any size kitchen that gets natural light. Just like the original Shaker kitchens, they used borrowed light as a device to give their kitchen space more light.

Even with the addition to standard kitchen lights, the advantage of white shakers helps boost light uniformity. This is very important for floors that include tiles or hardwood floors that are colored with dark tones. Having a small kitchen is always a problem for utilizing space. Since it won’t be so easy to have natural light reach certain areas, white shakers can actually help. This is for distributing more light in an area that isn’t getting enough light.

This can be best for kitchens that are L-shaped or in poorly designed apartments. For most homes, using white shakers cabinets in your kitchen will save you money on electricity during the day.

· White shaker cabinets are timeless

There is such a classic look that white shaker cabinets provide for any classic looking kitchen. Year after year, this is easily interchangeable with just a few simple decorations that help change the overall look. White not only makes your kitchen look bright, but any little burst of color is also an immediate eye-catching object. This is how white helps make seasonal decorations look even more vivid.

Unlike dark colors, it’s harder to spot new decorative items that you put on countertops. With white shaker kitchen cabinets, it’s easy to enjoy at least 20 or more years without any major renovation. In most cases, it’s common that white cabinets aren’t replaced but updated with new handles or knobs.

· Boosts the value of your home

It’s not so often that homeowners are selling their home but boosting the value also includes white shaker cabinets. The reason is simple because this style is very attractive and elegant. Any cabinet that has semi-gloss and high gloss surfaces will also be a great selling point since it looks new. One of the very first places that are shown as a featured part of the home is your kitchen. It can help make the rest of your home stand-out from everything else.

· White makes everything appear bigger

There’s no big secret behind white shaker kitchen cabinets since this can increase the visual appearance of everything. Everything looks larger from the presence of light and reflection. White is a great reflector and helps floor space become even more visible. This is also beneficial for countertops that don’t have enough light. The cabinets will help bounce light from nearby sources and illuminate these work surfaces.

· Convert styles easier

Most people think that you have to change all your kitchen furniture to change styles, White shaker cabinets can easily transition from styles easier than other colors. You can jump from classic to classy in a very short time. Most of the time, this is just from changing the cabinet hardware, or fittings. It can also include changing the level of the shine of being glossy back down to a matt finish.

White shaker cabinet variations and finishes

White shaker cabinets are totally white inside and out with no change in color. This is a white-white color and will come in a range of finishes. These finishes will all have a different appearance in your kitchen depending on the type of paint that is used. There is a lot of in-between finishes that combine names such as super matt’ or ultra glossy’. To keep it simple, there are really just three types of finishes that everyone knows.

· Matt finish

This is a finish that doesn’t have any kind of shine that will appear. This means that the shaker lines are more defined and visible. If the finish is fine enough, you will likely see the wood grain showing through. This isn’t a bad thing and a bit of texture on a matt finish does give a shaker door more character.

· Satin finish

A satin finish is one attractive selling point for many products that we often see. This appears as being slightly shiny but dull along with the high points. There is still a fine bit of texture that gives satin finishes a lot of appeal for many. There is also just enough gloss that gives them a nice shine but not quite enough to see any reflections.

· Gloss finish

When you have a gloss finish, every imperfection will be under the microscope. High gloss shines also show-off fingerprints, smudges, and anything that reduces the shine. So it’s easy to say that gloss finishes are harder to take care of. If you have a good cleaning rag, gloss surfaces are managed a lot easier.

What makes white shaker cabinets different?

Shaker cabinets that come in white have an appeal that gives many kitchens a nice clean appearance. White always has a visual reminder that everything is fresh and clean beyond other earthy colors. You can’t get away with hiding spills and splatters with white kitchens, but this color is always a popular choice. There’s also a bit of the modern style whenever white is used, especially when you have glossy surfaces.

The white shaker kitchen cabinet also represents a place that lets people know that everything is pure and germ-free. While we don’t want to know about these issues, the color itself represents that mental guarantee. This color also relates to the way that everything is done in an all-white kitchen. Not that everything will be sanitary and sterile, but is always a treat when great home-cooked meals are made there.

Styles that interact best with shaker cabinets

If you are mixing and matching items and kitchen furniture with white shaker kitchen cabinets, you do need to be careful. Since this is a style that can blend well with other furniture styles, it’s a matter of mixing and matching your tastes. Here is how you can blend them to your benefit.

· Consistency

As you can see, overly decorated kitchen furniture just doesn’t match well with shaker cabinets. Stick to a similar look that has a 10-20% difference. You wouldn’t want to have heavily detailed wooden tables next to simplistic shaker cabinets. Normally, color is another issue that should blend, well so it shouldn’t include opposing colors.

· Balance

Knowing that mixing styles will have an out-of-place appearance, it’s best not to clash with furniture that doesn’t fit-in. With that being said you wouldn’t try putting shaker cabinets in a kitchen that has post-modern elements. Modern kitchens do work since the sleek element of the cabinet doors and drawers will look perfect if they leave-out knobs and handles.

· Simplicity

Country kitchens and rustic kitchens will have a simple design but don’t mix rustic textures or surfaces together. Another clue is that colonial kitchens will have more French cabinet design that goes well with rustic brick or stone ovens. This only works with shaker doors if your decorations are smoother in appearance. Overhead wood beams that have too much texture wouldn’t work because of the difference in wood textures.

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